About goldie

I was born and raised in West Virginia and have been cooking since a teenager. My Mom was very encouraging and she was always trying new recipes. My claim to fame back then was my mashed potatoes. When I was married to my first husband, we entertained often and encouraged ‘pot-lucks’ in our home so I kept learning new dishes and how to modify them. When we would attend catered events (sometimes the food was great and sometimes not), I tried to pick apart the ingredients of a particular food I liked to recreate at home. It was trial and error. Experimentation is what one has to be open to, in order to become a good cook. I decided to write this cookbook as a way to make it easy for beginning cooks to be able to make great-tasting food with simple, easy to find ingredients. For those who are more advanced cooks, I hope you find some new favorites to add to your repertoire.

My team and I decided to publish each category as a separate book sold inexpensively, as many people are only looking for specific categories. Something my team has helped me put together is a series of ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube.com under ‘Cooking With goldie’. Many people are visual people so being able to see some cooking tips is more helpful than reading. We could not afford a big production studio to do these, so they were filmed in my kitchen in my home.

I have also prepared a list of the items you need for a working home-kitchen to be prepared to make most recipes and for you to be prepared to experiment in adjusting my recipes to your personal liking and creating your own recipes (that is part of learning to become a good cook). The links for the videos are on my website: www.cookingwithgoldie.com You will also find a list of “Helpful Hints” and What You Need to Outfit a Working Kitchen on my site. With many of the recipes in my book series, I list specific brands. The reason for being so specific is due to finding these brands were found to work best as far as flavor.

If you have questions regarding any of the recipes, please use the contact form on this site.

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Cooking with goldie Episodes 1-6